To help you understand and comply with the our safety requirements, we have developed the Student Safety Manual This manual is applicable to all TEEX-sponsored training, whether conducted at Brayton Fire Training Field (BFTF), Cooperative Learning Centers (CLC), area schools, or client-owned facilities. This manual contains information on

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements
  • Use of Eye Protection Equipment
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Heat Effects
  • Facilities

It is the expectation of TEEX that all staff, students, and guest instructors comply with the requirements of this manual.

Face/Eye Protection Requirement

Recently there has been confusion about our face/eye protection requirements here at the TEEX Brayton Fire Training Field. The Student Safety Manual states the following:

For any exterior, live-fire training, the minimum protection includes an NFPA 1971-approved firefighter’s helmet with ear flaps. The 1971-approved helmet must have:

  • the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) faceshield, or
  • NFPA 1971-approved goggles, or
  • both


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