MAP004 – 8.00 Hours

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Course Description

The Pull/Kanban Systems course demonstrates the power of implementing a Pull System in manufacturing operation. Participants take part in manufacturing simulations that compare Push and Pull Systems and then design a Pull System for a case study factory. The course includes three virtual factory tours that show the results that real manufacturers have achieved with the Pull strategy.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Attendance Requirements

To meet attendance requirements, participants must review each training module and complete all required course assignments, activities, quizzes, and/or end of course exam.


  • Introduction to Pull/Kanban
  • Inventory Basics and Measures
  • Shifting from a Push to a Pull System
  • Documenting the Current State
  • Visualizing the Ideal or Future State
  • Creating a Strategic Plan
  • Making the Necessary Changes
  • Verify Changes/Checking Effectiveness
  • Confirm the Results/Standardize
  • Keys to Success

Suggested Audience

Manufacturing managers, supervisors, and workers.

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