The TEEX Supplier Diversity Program (SDP) includes the State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program and the Federal Small Business (SB) Program

Statement Of Commitment

The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) remains committed in making a good-faith effort to assist HUB and SB concerns (small businesses(SB), small disadvantaged businesses (SDB), woman-owned small businesses (WOSB), federal hubzone small businesses (HubZone SB), veteran-owned small businesses(VOSB), and service-disabled veteran owned small businesses(SDVOSB)) in the procurement process in accordance with the goals and statutes established by the State, and with the laws established by the federal government.

The TEEX procurement process is administered by the Texas A&M University Department of Strategic Sourcing & Purchasing Services for purchases over $10,000. The agency works closely with the Department to ensure that qualified HUBs and SBs are included in bidders’ lists for purchases over $10,000. For purchases $10,000 and under, the utilization of HUB firms and SB firms by TEEX personnel is encouraged to the maximum extent possible.

The Texas A&M System Office of Facilities, Planning & Construction will solicit HUBs and SBs for construction contract opportunities on behalf of the agency. TEEX will receive HUB and/or SB credit for construction HUB and/or SB subcontracting expenditures.

Goal Of The TEEX HUB Program

The goal of the TEEX HUB Program is to include qualified HUBs in the procurement participation goals in accordance with the rules established by the Texas Procurement and Support Services (TPASS). The agency HUB goal for Fiscal Year 2015 is 17 percent.

Goal Of The TEEX SB Program

The goal of the TEEX SB Program is to include qualified small businesses in the procurement participation goals in accordance with the laws of the federal government.  The agency SB goals for Fiscal Year 2015 are: SB = 23%; SDB = 2%; WOSB = 6%; HubZone SB = .75%; VOSB = 2.5%; SDVOSB = .75%

TEEX HUB Program

Contact Information

Yvette Tschirhart

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (979) 458-6794

​TEEX SB Program

Contact Information

Terri Sager

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (979) 458-6849

Brian Stipe

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (979) 458-6836

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