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In a unique arrangement with TEEX, students at Texas A&M University earned elective credit hours between semesters by attending a weeklong course offered through the Texas Forensic Science Academy (TFSA) last week. The students, who are enrolled in the Texas A&M Forensic and Investigative Sciences program, earned 2 semester hours of credit for attending the crime scene investigation course.

As a part of the course, the six students conducted an investigation of a mock crime scene at the TEEX Public Safety & Security tactical prop house at the Riverside Campus. Among the skills required were lifting fingerprints, making impression casts and photographing evidence, said TFSA Coordinator Christine Ramirez, with TEEX Public Safety & Security.

Sarah Bahlmann, a student in the course, said she also plans to take the 40-hour Latent Print Processing course in May, which will earn her a TEEX Forensic Technician Certificate. “This class is an overview of the whole process, and I’m learning more about the sciences behind the law, and learning what is evidence in court,” she said. “I plan on taking that one (Latent Print Processing) to learn more finger-printing techniques. ” Bahlmann, who graduates from Texas A&M in May, said earning the certificate will “definitely be a big resume builder.”

The Texas Forensic Science Academy offers training and credentials designed to support improvements in crime scene investigation, evidence collection and preservation, analysis, and courtroom testimony. Certificates are offered for Forensic Technician, Forensic Investigator I and Forensic Investigator II. All courses have received approval for continuing education by the International Association for Identification (IAI).

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