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TEEX will intentionally work to achieve an organizational culture and ethos of respect, equity and inclusion.

~David Coatney, Agency Director

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“I’ve been with TEEX for 16 years and it’s absolutely been a great opportunity to work for a and entity of A&M that serves others that saves lives. It gives you a true meaning of who you are and how you can help others.”

Brenda Grays, Making a Difference for 16 Years

Brenda Grays

Total Rewards

“I have been able to keep up my health while working because I spent so much time during the week taking advantage of the gym at TEEX and working out with my coworkers. We would go walking, at least three times a week if not more. It’s encouraged here to get in this wellness time. It’s not just something they say, they really do like it when we take advantage of it.”

Tyla Allen, Making a difference for three years.

We Hire Veterans

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Gary Abbott, making a difference for two years.

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