The Preparedness Program leverages dynamic training venues, customizable simulation based software, and comprehensive operational experience to provide the most realistic training possible for professionals working in both public and private sector organizations.

Our educators, experienced first responders, public health and hospital clinicians, and emergency response professionals offer real world experience at the federal, state, and local government levels, as well as in all levels of private industry, medical, and public health agencies.

We design, develop, and deliver custom-tailored programs and send equipment and instructors to virtually any location.

We develop training and deliver exercises covering issues important to our customers. Topics we have covered are: 

  • training in Incident Command and Emergency Management
  • exercises focused on WMD, terrorism, and cyber
  • exercises focused on public health catastrophic events
    • Ebola
    • H5N1
    • regional foreign animal disease
    • agro-terrorism

Emergency Management * Exercise System

An adaptable web-based simulation that allows supervisory level responders and emergency operations personnel a practical, simulated experience in the management and support of a large scale incident.

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Exercise and Technical Assistance

Exercises that help you to assess your plans, policies, and procedures and identify planning, training, and equipment needs. We also offer the review and completion of emergency response plans and deliver customized workshops, and seminars.

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Incident Management in a Virtual Environment

We simulate real-world emergency scenarios requiring incident management for any organization to include: industrial, airport security, offshore platform/oil spill platform, fire, universities, and hospitals. 

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Contact Information

Mike Gibler

Program Director

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (979) 458-5616

LaToya Portis

Training Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (979) 845-8527

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