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“The photographic documentation of crime scenes is the cornerstone of any criminal investigation. The complete and accurate portrayal of a crime scene demands that the investigators and photographers thoughtfully and purposefully record true and accurate depictions of the location and evidence.”

– Christopher Duncan, author
Advanced Crime Scene Photography

With over 14 years as a Crime Scene Investigator, Christopher Duncan believes that in court it always begins with photography. Duncan is an Adjunct Instructor of Forensic Photography for the Texas Forensic Science Academy (TFSA) and a Crime Scene Investigator with the Houston Police Department. He has published a new book, Advanced Crime Scene Photography, which is designed to help the investigator working in the field.

In his book, Duncan takes your basic understanding of the camera and helps you, step by step, learn how to take better, more accurate, detailed photos and document a scene correctly. One reviewer commented: “Duncan does a marvelous job of taking a practical approach to teaching photography and not optics or physics.”

In his book, Duncan suggests that too many photographers rely too heavily on their camera’s automatic mode settings. “If the command dial is never moved off the automatic mode, one may as well be documenting the scene with a disposable point-and-shoot camera. The photographer, not the camera, is responsible for taking the picture.”

The Texas Forensic Science Academy is a part of the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)-Public Safety & Security Division. It offers training and credentials designed to support improvements in crime scene investigation, evidence collection and preservation, analysis, and courtroom testimony. The academy offers certificate programs for Forensic Technician and Forensic Investigator. All academy courses are approved for continuing education credit by the International Association for Identification.

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