Nearly 400 students are attending the 26th Annual Spring Fire Training School this week and have experienced the weather extremes of Texas – from a balmy 70 degrees early Sunday to a chilly 28 degrees Tuesday morning. As firefighters, they are prepared for severe weather and have taken it all in stride, many snapping photos of the rare occurrence of icicles at Brayton Fire Training Field.

The school continues through March 7. TEEX instructors and staff have been assisted by 47 guest instructors and safety personnel, who donate their time and expertise to the school.

The 395 fire service personnel attending the school come from across the United States and include international students from Canada, Russia, Kuwait, and Australia. Students could select from 20 courses in a variety of specializations, including two new courses covering Industrial Emergencies for Municipal-Based Responders. Other training included airport firefighting, emergency medical response, passenger rail rescue, propane emergencies, hazmat emergency response technician, and more.

The Spring Fire School is the first of the 2014 Fire Training Schools, which include La Escuela para Bomberos (Spanish Fire Training School), Industrial Fire Training School and Municipal Fire Training School – which are all held in July.

Cele Rossi was very professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating as well.

— Forensic Technician
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