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  • Los Angeles responders attend incident management training at the EOTC
Forty-six responders from the city Los Angeles were at the TEEX Emergency Operations Training Center Feb. 11-14 for a special class in Enhanced Incident Management/Unified Command. The scenarios for the course included an incident at Los Angeles International Airport.
In a city the size of Los Angeles, it is vital for those who might be working together in an incident command post to get to know each other and work through a disaster scenario before they have to respond to the real thing, says Jory Grassinger, Training Manager for Enhanced Incident Management Programs.

Captain Gregg Avery of the Los Angeles Fire Department agrees. Getting to work in different groups gives you a better understanding of the various roles in the command post, he says. “It’s a team, so it is better if I know what my team members are doing. And it’s a great networking opportunity,” said Avery, who previously attended an open enrollment class at the EOTC in 2006. “The course and associated exercises give participants the opportunity to respond as an Incident Management Team and improves their ability to respond to incidents that might occur in their jurisdiction. This is a high-quality program and a great experience.”

Thank you for the invitation to attend the BEDC recently held in Frisco. As a Board member of an EDC and not being my chosen career, I wanted to express my appreciation for the varied speakers assembled and case studies discussed. It was informative, enjoyable and time well spent. I look forward to the next opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the EDC world in such a pleasant environment that you create.

— Gary Carley, BEDC Participant, Nov 2016, Frisco EDC
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