Professional Development

TEEXans have opportunities to expand their knowledge and new skills for career development. Professional development encompasses all types of learning opportunities ranging from workshops, conferences, and online training.

Employee Certificate Programs

​An internally designed program focusing on how employees can better serve people in a variety of roles, which, in turn, helps to serve the agency’s overall mission.

A new initiative utilizing the vendor Speakers You Need (SyN). The workshops that comprise this program will be customized with the vendor to focus on the needs and the culture of TEEX. This program will eventually consist of five courses focusing on workplace relations and interpersonal communication.

An ongoing training program designed for managers who are interested in developing and improving their skills. The program consists of six courses focusing on key supervisory areas. The vendors, National Seminars and Excellerant, Inc., and facilitators plan to focus on the agency’s culture and incorporate the TEEX mission and values into the curriculum.

A new initiative designed for supervisors. The workshops will be customized with the vendor Synergy Development Team to focus on the needs and culture of the agency. This program designed for supervisors and leaders who have participated in the CMD Certificate Program will consist of five courses focusing on overmanaging the culture of the agency, developing working relationships across departments and divisions, and engaging employees.

Employee Education Program

TEEXans are encouraged to strive for excellence. TEEX recognizes the value and contribution of its employees by providing educational release time and education reimbursement opportunities for employees seeking postsecondary degrees, when eligibility requirements are met.

Human Resources

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