CYB201 – 4.00 Hours


The Cybersecurity for Business Executives classroom-based course provides awareness level training specifically to the owners, C-suite executives, and upper management of private sector businesses.  The course will provide information on the cybersecurity threats, regulations, and impacts a business is exposed to in today’s interconnected operations.  Discussions are focused on providing a better understanding of the risks involved and actions to help manage and mitigate those risks.  The course will provide guidance outlining the protective measures needed to reduce the vulnerability to malicious attacks and threats.

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There are no required prerequisites to attend this course; however, the DHS sponsored online courses AWR-169 Cyber Incident Analysis and Response, AWR-176 Business Information Continuity, and AWR-177 Information Risk Management are recommended.


Learners should have the ability/authority to make improvements in their work area.


  • Business implications of a cyber incident
  • Cyber threats
  • Data protection
  • Industrial control systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Cyber attack response and recovery
  • Legal regulations and implications
  • Supply chain considerations
  • Developing a cybersecurity program
  • Available resources

Suggested Audience

  • Business executives
  • Business owners
  • Management

This course can be scheduled to meet your specific needs. For more information about this course or to schedule a class for your organization, please contact Knowledge Engineering at (800) 541-7149 or [email protected].

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