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03/04/24 – 03/08/24 College Station, TX FP ASP603 7 $700.00 Register

This schedule is subject to change without notice. If you have not received confirmation of the class prior to the class start, please contact the division at (866) 878-8900 or [email protected] to get the latest schedule.

Course Description

After completion of the online lecture portion of Firefighter Level 1 (ASP601), there are two weeks of face-to-face skills training that must be completed. This is the second of the two skills courses. It is comprised of the remaining Firefighter Level I skills beyond the live-fire prerequisite. The materials for ASP603 corresponds to the skill sheets found in the 7th Edition of IFSTA’s Essentials of Firefighting. Please bring your textbook to the skills sessions. 

Once you complete this course, you may be eligible for certification. Please check with the fire certification agency in your area to learn what qualifications are required.

If you are already a member of a fire department and you have completed the live-fire prerequisite objectives, you may skip ASP602 and with proper documentation, enroll directly into ASP603.  Training must be well documented and approved by a certified instructor / certification coordinator.

This course is not a Pro Board certification and cannot be converted to Pro Board. It also does not directly lead to IFSAC or TCFP certification.


Successful completion of NFPA 1001 Firefighter I lecture objectives such as ASP601 AND ASP602 NFPA Structural Firefighter I Skills – Live-Fire Prerequisite.


ASP601 and documented completion of all live-fire prerequisite objectives.

If you are a member of the State Firefighters’ and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas, have your Certification Coordinator take a screen shot of your “My Certifications” page. It needs to show your name along with the line that reads “1001: Live Fire Prerequisite” with either an “active” status or “100% complete.” Save the screen shot as a PDF so you can upload it when prompted when enrolling for this course.

Proof of prerequisites in the form of certificates of completion should be uploaded into your student portal after registration. At the end of registration, you will see a blue arrow icon beside your course to upload your prerequisite documentation. Participants that do not have the required prerequisites will be removed from the course.

Course Completion Requirements

Clothing and Protective Equipment Requirements or Course Attire

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Level 4 as described in the TEEX Student Safety Manual.

Participants Must Provide

  • a photo identification on the first day of class. See the Participant Handbook for approved forms of identification and additional guidelines.

Attendance Requirements

Class attendance is an essential part of the education process and participants in TEEX courses are expected to attend all class sessions and field exercises. This course requires participants to attend a minimum of 80% of the class hours as a component of successful course completion. During the course, your instructor will review any additional attendance requirements, for example a field exercise that cannot be missed.

Physical Condition

Due to the strenuous nature of firefighting and rescue activities, participants should secure a professional evaluation of their physical condition prior to enrolling in this course.

Upon successful completion, you will be able to:

  • Communications
  • Ropes and Knots
  • Hoisting Tools and Equipment
  • Structural Search and Rescue
  • Victim Removal
  • Exterior Fires (Vehicle Fires, Dumpster Fires)
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Structural Fire Attack
  • Interior Fires

Suggested Audience

This course is targeted for individual pursuing firefighter certification.

Contact Information

Customer Service

Phone: (866) 878-8900
Email: [email protected]


New Annual Schools Path toward Firefighter I and II Certification 

New Path Document 

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Info

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service in cooperation with the Texas A&M Forest Service is aligning the payment process for annual schools with all other requests for tuition assistance under the House Bill 2604 program and TIFMAS training grants. Vouchers or grant approval numbers will no longer be accepted as purchase order agreements. 

The process will follow the typical Application – Approval – Registration – Training/Certification – Reimbursement pattern. 

Before registering for a class on the TEEX website, obtain approval for tuition assistance via TAMFS FireConnect

Helpful videos about the FireConnect process can be found here.

Return to the TEEX website and complete online registration. 

You may secure your registration with a credit card or company/department purchase order (PO). 

TEEX policy requires the PO must be submitted within 48 hours of registration, or the enrollment may be canceled. You may upload the PO through your student portal or email it as an attachment to [email protected]

Please make sure your PO includes the following:

  • Agency or company name
  • Billing address
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Description of goods and/or services provided
  • Amount of charges
  • Authorized signature
  • Tax Payer ID, EIN, or FEIN. The field should be in the following format: xx-xxxxxxx.

The PO contact email needs to be either yourself or a responsible person within your organization.

If your organization is not an established TEEX customer, or if you are not sure, please include a completed W-9 with the PO.

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