MGT456 – 24.00 Hours

Currently there are no scheduled classes for this course. However, in some cases a course can be scheduled to meet your organization’s specific needs. For more information about this course or to schedule a class, please contact Emergency Services Training Institute at (866) 878-8900 or [email protected] to get the latest schedule.

Course Description

The Integration of Cybersecurity Personnel into the Emergency Operations Center for Cyber Incidents focuses on coordinating and managing response efforts between emergency response organizations and critical infrastructure cybersecurity personnel necessary as a result of a cyber incident. The course will help ensure that traditional emergency management and cybersecurity personnel recognize the importance of working together to mitigate the effects of a cyber incident. To accomplish this, students will be engaged in 2.5 days of exercises of increasing complexity. This course utilizes the Emergency Management Exercise System (EM*ES) incident simulation software, which provides many features resembling and imitating existing incident management systems.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Completion Requirements

Participants are required to score a 70% or better on the Post-Test and attend 80% of the course hours in order to receive a course certificate of completion.

Participants will need access to a laptop or mobile
device/tablet during the course in order to complete course testing and evaluations electronically.

Attendance Requirements

To meet attendance requirements,
participants must review each training module and complete all required course
assignments, activities, quizzes, and/or end of course exam.


IS-100.C Introduction to the Incident Command System, ICS 100

IS-200.C Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response

IS-700.B An Introduction to the National Incident
Management System

Also Highly Recommended Training:

IS-800.D National Response Framework, An Introduction

IS-2200 Basic Emergency Operations Center Functions

Above Courses can be found online at

AWR397 Cybersecurity for Everyone

AWR366 Developing a Cyber Security Annex for Incident Response 



  • Cyber Terminology
  • Characteristics of cyber incidents
  • Impacts of cyber incidents on critical infrastructure
  • Integrating cybersecurity into community preparedness
  • Purpose of the EOC
  • Common EOC organizational models
  • Functions, roles, and responsibilities within the EOC
  • Integrating the cyber component within the EOC management structure
  • Information management process
  • Resource management process
  • EOC planning process
  • Decision-making exercises
  • Case Study
  • Familiarization with and use of Emergency Management Exercise System (EM*ES)

Suggested Audience

  • Personnel assigned to work in a jurisdiction’s EOC
  • Policymakers
  • Elected and/or appointed officials
  • Emergency Responders
  • Information security and cybersecurity personnel
  • Mangers responsible for identifying and responding to cyber incidents for local government and private industry
  • Critical infrastructure representatives from both private
    and public sectors

Contact Information

Heather Crites

Training Director
Phone: (979) 500-6777
Email: [email protected]

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