Leave/Additional Pay

Vacation Leave

Vacation hours are accrued monthly from the date of hire for Full-Time and Part-Time employees. Accrual rate is based on percentage worked and increases are based on years of State of Texas service. The starting accrual rate for a Full-Time employee is eight hours. Accumulated vacation leave may be used after 6 continuous months of state service with supervisor approval.

Paid Holidays

Full-Time and Part-Time employees receive paid holidays as established by the Texas A&M University Board of Regents (ranging from 12 to 15 days per year).

Sick Leave

Full-Time Employees earn eight hours accrual per month while Part-Time Employees earn sick leave based on the percentage of hours worked per month. Hours are eligible for use on the date of hire.

Sick Leave Pool (SLP)

SLP hours are eligible for use by current employees once they have exhausted their own leave and are away from work for a minimum of 80 hours. Employees may donate sick leave hours to the pool at any time or upon leaving employment.

Military Leave

Up to 15 days of leave are allowed each Federal fiscal year (October – September) for active duty orders or training for employees that are serving.

Longevity Pay

Full-Time employees are eligible for Longevity Pay. Longevity Pay is calculated as $20.00 per month for every two years of lifetime service credit as an employee of the State of Texas, up to and including 42 years of service. This amount is added to the employee’s base pay in two-year increments, with the last addition being on an employee’s 42nd-anniversary date with a maximum payout of $420 per month.

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