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Texas Task Force 1 (TX-TF1) has activated and deployed six swiftwater and two helicopter rescue teams to South Texas. The Rio Grande river has potential to flood over the next few days as more rain is predicted in South Texas and along the Texas/Mexico border with the arrival of a tropical depression.

In anticipation of the flooding potential this week, TX-TF1 had deployed two liaison officers yesterday to South Texas to assist local elected officials and emergency managers. The swiftwater and helicopter rescue teams will be on standby in South Texas, awaiting requests by local jurisdictions should they experience flash flooding.

Texans are reminded to monitor local media or NOAA Weather Radio during severe weather events for any statements and/or warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

Flash Flood Facts
As little as six inches of water moving over a roadway can begin to move your car. Swiftwater has a different effect on vehicles than standing water. Twelve to 24 inches of swiftwater can sweep away any type of vehicle, even a large truck or SUV.

About Texas Task Force 1
Texas Task Force 1 is sponsored by the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), is comprised of more than 450 personnel representing more than 60 jurisdictions and agencies from across the state of Texas, and is one of 28 teams in the national urban search and rescue system under FEMA. Headquartered in College Station, Texas Task Force 1 and TEEX coordinate statewide requests for search and rescue.

About the Texas Engineering Extension Service
TEEX, a member of The Texas A&M University System, offers hands-on, customized, first-responder training, homeland security exercises, technical assistance and technology transfer services impacting Texas and beyond. TEEX programs include fire services, homeland security, law enforcement, public works, safety and health, search and rescue, and economic development.

Brian Blake

TEEX Public Relations Director
Cell Phone Number: 979-324-8995
E-mail: Brian.Blake@teexmail.tamu.edu

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