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A group of Texas Task Force 1 (TX-TF1) helicopter search and rescue technicians and Texas Military Forces UH-60 helicopter pilots and crew chiefs recently held a joint monthly training session at Camp Bullis in San Antonio.

The group conducted intensive in-flight hoist evolutions to prepare for future joint rescue missions, where TX-TF1 rescue technicians work aboard the Texas Military Forces helicopters. The UH-60 helicopters are equipped with a hoist, life-saving equipment and deploy with TX-TF1 helicopter rescue specialists for hurricanes, flooding and other incidents that may require water rescue.

“These joint operations between Texas Task Force 1 and the Texas Military Forces have saved lives,” said Jeff Saunders, TX-TF1 Operations Chief. “Texas is only one of two states that combine urban search and rescue resources with helicopters from state National Guard Units to perform rescue missions. There’s no doubt it’s a collaboration that has paid off for the citizens of Texas.”

The recent training was jointly coordinated by Texas Task Force 1, TEEX and Texas Military Forces. TEEX is the sponsoring agency of TX-TF1.

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The incorporation of the shoot houses, tactics, and sim guns were great. It was good using charges inside of a structure so we would know what it was like for when the time comes and it is used.

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