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Firefighters who attend the Annual Texas Fire Training Schools will bid farewell this year to the three-story warehouse and apartment complex burn project (#55) at Brayton Fire Training Field. The 35-year-old structure will be torn down to make way for a modern interior firefighting training complex, which will be built on the same site, said Harvie Cheshire, Annual Fire Schools Program Manager.

While the new complex is under construction, an interim interior firefighting burn prop (#58S) has been built nearby and is ready for this year’s Annual Fire Schools, he added.

The prop has been a mainstay for interior firefighting courses, positive pressure ventilation exercises and other firestream applications, as well as hazmat and rescue drills, Cheshire said. Smoke from burning hay bales inside the building has created realistic firefighting and rescue scenarios, so firefighters can hone their skills.

The NFPA 1403 test burns are complete and the interim project is ready, he said. “The temporary Conex burn prop will be used while the new project is under construction. My thanks go to the many folks who helped plan, design, build, test and prepare this interim project in time for this year’s Annual Fire Schools.”

2011 Summer Fire Training Schools:

  • julio 10-15 – Escuela para Bomberos en Espa?ol
  • July 17-22 – Industrial Fire School
  • July 24-29 – Municipal Fire School

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    I have gained a solid foundation for the safety field, and applying what I have learned from the TEEX courses has given me the personal satisfaction of knowing that our employees go home safely every day.

    — Marco Villasana, Client, Alman Electrical Contractors
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