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COLLEGE STATION – Gov. Rick Perry has authorized the deployment of specialized search and rescue resources from Texas Task Force 1 (TX-TF1) to deploy to Joplin, MO. The personnel and canines will assist local responders in the continuing search for victims of Sunday’s devastating tornado.

The team received the request from the State of Missouri who continues to recover from this event. The EF5 tornado struck Joplin Sunday night and the death toll so far has reached 125, according to the latest report.

Three canine search teams and flankers, will be accompanied by two search team managers as they depart for Joplin tonight and begin work tomorrow morning.

TX-TF1 trains throughout the year for catastrophic events and recently completed a full-scale exercise at Disaster City on May 1. The team had offered assistance to Missouri and other states affected by recent severe weather and tornadoes.

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