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COLLEGE STATION – The TEEX Infrastructure Training and Safety Institute (ITSI) Water and Wastewater program has launched a new Certified Water Professional (CWP) certificate program.

During ACE12, the American Water Works Association’s annual conference and exposition, ITSI staff unveiled this first-of-its-kind certificate program for personnel working in the water and wastewater industry. The CWP is a recognition program which represents the highest professional credential in the water utilities field.

“Completing the CWP demonstrates a superior level of commitment to the water profession,” said ITSI Director Ron Peddy. “The certificate program offers a well-rounded education in the water utilities profession, providing key safety knowledge and skills to protect the individual and members of their crew in this challenging profession.”

The professional designation recognizes those involved in water operations, wastewater operations or both. Candidates for the CWP must be currently licensed as a water treatment operator, distribution system operator, collection system operator or wastewater treatment operator, and have four years of documented work experience. To earn the CWP, individuals must successfully complete at least 225 hours of professional continuing education from TEEX or a TEEX-authorized training provider.

There are three available tracks to receiving the CWP designation:

Drinking Water Track,

Wastewater Track, and

Dual Water/Wastewater Track.

“The CWP provides water utilities personnel a directed goal to being the best within this profession and to work toward personal advancement goals,” Peddy said. The professional designation assures the individual possesses the essential knowledge and experience, and shows employers, co-workers, and the general public that the individual has achieved a high level of education, training, and experience within the water utilities field.

For more information regarding the CWP certificate program please visit the website or contact the ITSI Customer Care Office at (800) 723-3811.

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