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The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service has launched a new online version of Basic Criminal Investigation through its Public Safety & Security division.

Although not the first course transitioned from a face-to-face format to an online delivery platform, the new online version of Basic Criminal Investigation is being offered to law enforcement officers and crime scene and arson investigators across the state, said PS&S Division Director Tom Shehan.

“Thanks to grant funding provided by the Governor’s office, the course hosted by the Texas Forensic Science Academy is now being offered tuition-free until December 2012. To date, more than 600 students have registered.”

“In the midst of reduced state funding, curtailed travel and training budgets, along with the high cost of traditional classroom training deliveries, the Texas Law Enforcement Extension program is investing designated funds, to include those provided through law enforcement training grants, towards an online catalog that will allow responders statewide to access training without ‘breaking the bank,'” Shehan added.

“The conversion of the Basic Criminal Investigation course to online delivery was part of a larger forensic science training grant from the Texas Governor’s Criminal Justice Division,” said TEEX Law Enforcement Training Director Cullen Grissom. “Converting this traditional face-to-face class to online delivery will allow us to make training more readily available to small and rural Texas law enforcement agencies as evidenced by the outstanding enrollment numbers in just the first week of delivery. This leads to significant cost savings at the local agency level.”

This course is part of the ongoing effort through the Texas Forensic Science Academy to provide training that will increase the effectiveness of crime scene investigations in Texas, Grissom added. Those completing the course are eligible for 40 hours of continuing education credit through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) and may be eligible to receive credit through Tarleton State University toward a BAAS degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

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