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COLLEGE STATION – A new “Compressor Station” firefighting project has been constructed at Brayton Fire Training Field to enhance the industrial firefighter training offered by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service.

The new 112 x 128-foot industrial firefighting project simulates a process unit at a petrochemical plant, and includes a compressor building, flair stack, several liquid knockout drums, heat exchangers, transfer pumps, spill fire areas, an electrical substation and a bulk storage area. Overhead pipe racks from nearby projects extend into and through the new project.

“As with all new firefighting training projects of this magnitude, modifications to the training prop and additional testing have been done to make this one of the premier training opportunities of its kind,” said Gordon Lohmeyer, Executive Associate Division Director of TEEX Emergency Services Training Institute (ESTI).

The realistic, live-fire training project incorporates multiple pressurized gas and liquid fires and adds a unique component of Class B fire in an interior environment, he added.

“We believe this newly constructed project will more accurately simulate the types of fires industrial firefighters might encounter in their plants, providing them the opportunity to gain firefighting skills in a realistic but controlled environment,” Lohmeyer said. “The Compressor Station provides exactly what our customers require to be prepared for such an emergency in their facilities.

“It is our goal to continually evaluate our customers’ needs and incorporate these into our training simulations. We are constantly working to upgrade our training facilities and meet the needs of both industrial and municipal firefighters to provide them with the best hands-on training possible.”

The new project was designed by members of the Industrial Fire Program of TEEX Emergency Services Training Institute (ESTI) and built by ESTI construction and maintenance personnel.

About Brayton Fire Training Field

Brayton Fire Training Field is one of the world’s largest live-fire training facilities and includes some of the largest and most realistic fire training props anywhere. Students can receive hands-on training on a loading terminal, process unit, chemical complex, aerial cooler, aircraft, ship, and more. Rescue props include those designed for confined space and high-angle rescue, as well as towers and even a passenger train. Hazardous materials training includes a hazmat chemical complex, tanker cars, and 2,300-foot underground pipeline training prop with eight above-ground training stations.

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