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COLLEGE STATION – The TEEX Certified Safety and Health Official™ (CSHO) service mark has been registered by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, bearing the Reg. No. 4,319,483. The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) developed the service mark more than a decade ago and has used it to market the industry-recognized CSHO program. The logo is also recognized nationwide, where the more than 1,900 graduates of the program proudly display their certificates, bearing the CSHO service mark.

The CSHO program is geared for safety and health professionals in the public or private sector, who can earn the CSHO certificate in Construction or General Industry.

“The Certified Safety and Health Official is an important part of our division’s core competencies,” said Ron Peddy, Director of TEEX’s Infrastructure Training & Safety Institute. “The CSHO identity is rapidly gaining value and respect in a number of industries because of the high quality and depth of safety training involved in attaining a TEEX CSHO certificate. This is an important first step in protecting the brand and reputation of this program.”

More than 237 hours of training are required to earn the TEEX CSHO certificate and at least 50% of the training must be completed through the TEEX OSHA Training Institute Southwest Education Center. Up to 50% of the required hours for either track can be credited upon proof of successful completion of the required OSHA-numbered courses at an OSHA Training Institute Education Center or at the OSHA Training Institute in Arlington Heights, IL.

The CSHO program is approved for the Veterans Administration Education Benefit and is eligible for college credit at four institutions of higher learning. The CSHO certificate also qualifies as one year of experience toward the Board of Certified Safety Professionals’ Occupational Health and Safety Technologist? (OHST) certification.

Those who wish to gain additional safety training beyond the CSHO in Construction or General Industry may pursue endorsements in Oil & Gas, Aviation, Industrial Emergency Response, Environmental, Electric Power or Wind Energy.

The OSHA Training Institute Southwest Education Center is operated by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service. Learn more at www.teex.org/CSHO.

Contact Information

Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

“I want to personally thank both of you for an outstanding class. This was the BEST one I have taken. You have ‘fire in the belly’ and that made the class so much better and did not allow a student to get bored. A terrific job! Take care and keep doing what you do.”

— Katie K., Client, Winter Haven, FL
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