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COLLEGE STATION – Texas-based DronePro is the third company to receive credentialing through the National Unmanned Aircraft Systems Credentialing Program (NUASCP), a program developed by TEEX and the Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence and Innovation (LSUASC) at Texas A&M University — Corpus Christi.

Headquartered in Magnolia, TX, DronePro uses Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) to capture aerial video used by industries, including oil and gas, utilities and nuclear energy to inspect facilities while reducing costs and improving safety. They also specialize in 2D and 3D Mapping for engineering and survey companies, crop and agriculture management, aerial cinema/photography and even search and rescue with thermal cameras.

TEEX and the Lone Star UAS Center with the State of Texas FAA UAS Test Site offer Section 333 exemption holders the opportunity to receive a 3rd party vetting and “live-flight” audit of all of their operational and safety policies, procedures and qualifications required through the 333 exemption process.

Qualified operators that complete the program are provided with a certificate that serves to differentiate them from other exemption holders as voluntarily enrolling in and satisfactorily completing a program to further demonstrate their ability to safely and effectively operate Section 333 exempted small UAS.

About the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service

TEEX is an internationally recognized leader in the delivery of emergency response, homeland security and workforce training and exercises, technical assistance, and economic development. Last year, TEEX served more than 173,000 people from every U.S. state and territory and 81 countries worldwide. TEEX makes a difference by providing training, developing practical solutions, and saving lives.

About Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence & Innovation

The Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence & Innovation (LSUASC), founded at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in 2013, was established in response to an FAA initiative to integrate UAS into the national airspace. LSUASC is composed of a team of highly engaged researchers, entrepreneurs and aviation industry professionals. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi led Texas’ successful effort to become a FAA UAS test site, which includes 11 test ranges covering more than 6,000 square miles of airspace from the Gulf of Mexico to the Big Bend region of Texas.

Learn more about the National UAS Credentialing Program.

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