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COLLEGE STATION – A Georgia-based company is one of the first in the country to receive credentialing through the National Unmanned Aircraft Systems Credentialing Program (NUASCP), a program developed by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) and the Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence and Innovation (LSUASC) at Texas A&M University — Corpus Christi.

Talon Aerolytics, located in West Point, GA, is a data company that primarily utilizes Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to effectively and efficiently produce unique, high-quality aerial data for use in analytics for the industrial fields of telecommunications, infrastructure, commercial construction and agriculture.

“Since Part 107 took effect on August 29th, thousands of drone operators have entered the market. Enterprises and large businesses need a better way to determine what service providers are certified and qualified,” said Tim Dunnigan, President and Co-Founder. “We make safety and operational excellence a top priority for every mission. Choosing a partner in aerial data acquisition can be complex – NUASCP certification gives our prospects and customers another way to see that Talon runs a best-in-class program.”

The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) and the Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence and Innovation (LSUASC), State of Texas FAA UAS Test Site, offers commercial drone operators the opportunity to receive a 3rd party vetting and “Live-Flight” operational audit of all of their operational and safety policies, procedures and qualifications previously required through the 333 exemption process.

Qualified operators that complete the program are provided with a certificate that serves to differentiate them from other commercial UAS operators as voluntarily enrolling in and satisfactorily completing a program to further demonstrate their ability to safely and effectively operate small UAS.

About Talon Aerolytics
Talon Aerolytics is an ITC Capital Partners Company. Talon uses emerging Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technologies to capture high resolution imaging data, edit and analyze the data, and deliver it device agnostically on their proprietary Collaborate Content Management System (CCMS). Talon Aerolytics and ITC Capital Partners are part of the century-long legacy of ITC Holdings, whose portfolio consists of 110 years of innovation in widely diversified fields of expertise including, telecommunication, technology, financial services, and data management.

About Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence & Innovation
The Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence & Innovation (LSUASC) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi was founded in 2013, in response to an FAA initiative to integrate UAS into the national airspace. LSUASC is composed of a team of highly engaged researchers, entrepreneurs and aviation industry professionals. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi led Texas’ successful effort to become a FAA UAS test site, which includes 11 test ranges covering more than 6,000 square miles of airspace from the Gulf of Mexico to the Big Bend region of Texas.

Learn more about the National UAS Credentialing Program.

Learn more about Talon at itctalon.com.

Contact Information

Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

In October 2010, a suspected gunman was reported on the Texas A&M University Campus. Campus and local police immediately responded. Fortunately, the gunman was only carrying a replica weapon.

The training and support that we received from NERRTC and the TEEX Law Enforcement Training Division aided university and local responders as they deployed the Incident Command System in response to the incident.

— Chris Meyer, Assistant Vice President, Texas A&M Office of Safety and Security
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