COLLEGE STATION — Texas Task Force 1 (TX-TF1) has demobilized three Water Rescue Squads after their two-day response to flash flooding along the Nueces River in Uvalde County, Texas.  

The TX-TF1 Water Rescue Squads from Austin and the San Antonio area were activated by the Texas Division of Emergency Management on Aug. 12 to support and assist local responders, after heavy rains led to flash flooding overnight. The Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office reported that up to 11 inches of rain fell in the area overnight and into the early morning hours on Sunday.

The teams assisted local responders by checking neighborhoods in low-lying areas and verifying that deserted, submerged vehicles had no trapped victims.

Each Water Rescue Squad deploys with a Squad Leader, three bowmen, two boat operators, two rescue boats and water rescue equipment.

TX-TF1 Water Rescue Squads are frequently deployed for flooding in Texas, and regularly train together to be ready to provide swift and effective response when called upon.

About Texas Task Force 1

TX-TF1 is sponsored by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) and has deployed over 100 times since 1997. The team can be activated by the Texas Division of Emergency Management or as one of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s 28 sanctioned urban search and rescue teams.
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