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A multi-million-dollar agreement signed recently in Abu Dhabi will bring TEEX infrastructure security and asset protection training to the United Arab Emirates.

The agreement, signed by the UAE Critical National Infrastructure Authority (CNIA) and Team Camber, establishes the Abu Dhabi asset security training program, which will be managed by TEEX’s Public Safety & Security division. TEEX is collaborating with Camber Corp., dubbed Team Camber, in establishing the program to prepare about 4,000 members of the CNIA to conduct operations that protect national infrastructure.

Through the agreement, TEEX will not only manage the training program but also develop curriculum and provide instructional leadership, said TEEX Associate Director Bill May. The initiative will be led by TEEX Public Safety & Security, under the direction of Training Director Cullen Grissom, but components of the program may extend to other TEEX divisions, he said.

“This program represents a significant expansion of the industrial security training program at TEEX within the international market,” Grissom said. “TEEX will customize the curriculum to the requirements for the people, skills and jobs inside CNIA. Appropriate courses will have CEU credit and will be taught in English,” he added. Participants will be able to work toward five certificate levels.

“From Abu Dhabi’s strategic viewpoint, this program will provide the general population, and young people in particular, with skills development that lead to a meaningful profession and the ability to transition into higher education,” May said.

“This international training program fits well with our core competencies and allows us to bring our critical infrastructure protection and industrial security training into new markets,” said Public Safety & Security Director Tom Shehan. “We will be able to incorporate high-quality curriculum already developed through the TEEX Curriculum Review and Revision process as well as develop new customized curriculum for CNIA.” TEEX has already begun the first phase of the program – curriculum development.

“I’m excited about this opportunity to work with a world-class organization such as Camber,” said TEEX Director Gary Sera. “This initiative will establish TEEX as a world leader in asset protection training and preparation.”

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