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An agreement signed recently in Abu Dhabi will bring Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) training to the United Arab Emirates.  The training will focus on skills used to protect public and private critical infrastructures and key resources in the UAE. 

The Security and Asset Protection Program, which will be co-managed by TEEX and Camber Corp., dubbed Team Camber, will prepare about 4,000 members of the UAE’s Critical National Infrastructure Authority to conduct operations that protect national infrastructure.

“From Abu Dhabi’s strategic viewpoint, this program will provide the general population, and young people in particular, with skills development that lead to a meaningful profession and the ability to transition into higher education,” TEEX Associate Agency Director Bill May said.

Through the agreement, TEEX will not only manage the training program, but also develop curriculum and provide instructional leadership.

Serving as dean for the Security Asset Protection Program in Abu Dhabi will be Ty Morrow of Bryan, Texas.  Morrow most recently served as chief of the Bryan Police Department and has a career in law enforcement that spans 30 years, which includes leading the Fairfax County (VA) Criminal Justice Academy.

“Ty’s experience in law enforcement and security training is extensive, and we were particularly impressed by his track record of helping trainees pursue additional academic degrees.  He also has a proven past of bringing people and communities together.  Those were among the attributes we were looking for,” said May.

“Having served on both the TEEX Advisory Council and the Central Texas Police Academy Advisory Board, I’ve witnessed first-hand the quality of training provided by the agency.  This is exciting for me personally, and allows me to take TEEX training to a new international audience,” Morrow said.

Morrow and a team of 12 TEEX personnel will begin their new duties in Abu Dhabi by late summer.

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Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

Course went beyond expectations – using small amount of explosives to breach doors to merging SWAT/bomb skill sets to tactically schieve objectives.

— Explosive Breacher Entry
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