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The Texas Task Force 1 cache of equipment recently received a “thumbs-up” following an inspection by members of the 136th Logistics Readiness Squadron of the Texas Military Forces.

The entire cache must be inspected and certified for transport on military aircraft as a prerequisite for the Task Force to deploy via military aircraft in the event of a FEMA activation and deployment. This inspection is part of the process to ensure that TX-TF1 is ready for deployment anywhere in the nation within four hours.

“We’ve been highly impressed with what we’ve seen,” CMSgt. Donald Talbert said. “Our team can’t say enough good things about this inspection.”

“Having 70,000 pounds of equipment and vehicles properly packaged and ready for deployment 24 hours a day is a difficult task, and I’m proud of our logistics team for the countless hours and work they dedicated to prepare us to fly,” said Jeff Saunders, TX-TF1 Operations Chief. The inspection ensures TX-TF1 is meeting requirements, including proper documentation, and that equipment meets military packing and storage standards.

“We are appreciative of the partnership with the Texas Military Forces and their willingness to help us always improve our readiness,” Saunders added.

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