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​01. Governance

​01.01.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Development and Publication of Agency Rules, SAPs, Procedures, Manuals and Forms ​04/24/2019

​02. Organization of System

​02.04.99.N0.01 ​SAP ​Legal Basis and Administrative Structure ​02/5/2019

​07. Etdics

​07.03.01.N1 ​Rule ​Political Campaign Events on Property under the Control of the Texas Engineering Extension Service ​05/29/2019

​08. Civil Rights Protections and Compliance

​08.01.01.N1 ​Rule ​Civil Rights Compliance ​08/26/2016

​11. Centers, Degrees and Programs

​ ​SAP Certificates​ ​03/10/2011

​15. Research Programs

​15.01.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Facilities and Administration Recovery Distribution ​03/27/2019
​15.01.01.N0-03 ​SAP ​Sub-Award of Sponsored Projects ​03/29/2018
​15.01.01.N0.04 ​SAP ​Research Administration ​01/15/2019
​15.01.04.N0.02 ​SAP ​Time and Efforts Reporting ​10/20/2015
15.02.99.N1 ​Rule ​Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP) ​01/14/2019
​15.02.99.N1.01 ​SAP ​Export Management and Compliance Program

​17. Intellectual Property

​ ​SAP ​Intellectual Property (IP) Protection Program ​8/30/2011
​17.01.99-N0.01 ​SAP ​Curriculum Development ​01/30/2014

​21. General Finance

​21.01.02.N0.01 ​SAP ​Revenue Controls ​06/06/2014
​21.01.02.N0.02 ​SAP ​Payment Collection ​09/28/2015
​21.01.02.N0.03 ​SAP ​Credit Card Processing ​09/28/2015
​21.01.03.N0.01 ​SAP ​Travel ​03/13/2017
​21.01.03.N0.02 ​SAP ​Temporary Working Funds ​10/20/2015
​21.01.04.N0.01 ​SAP ​Extension of Credit ​08/18/2015
​21.01.04.N0.02 ​SAP ​Receivables – Past Due Accounts ​08/18/2020
​21.01.09.N0.01 ​SAP ​Property Acquistion, Responsibility, and Accountability ​08/31/2017
​21.01.12.N0.01 ​SAP ​Purchase of Food ​11/02/2015
​21.01.12.N0.02 ​SAP ​Purchase of Alcohol ​11/02/2015
​ ​SAP ​Control of Fraud, Waste, & Abuse ​05/15/2011
​21.05.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Gifts, Donations, Grants and Endowments ​01/15/2019
​21.99.04.N1 ​Rule ​Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property ​10/28/2012
​ ​SAP ​Delivery Records Procedures ​09/30/2010
​ ​SAP ​E-Commerce ​05/01/2018

​24. Risk Management

​24.01.01.N0.02 ​SAP ​Bloodborne Patdogens ​12/13/2021
​24.01.01.N0.03 ​SAP ​Hazard Communication ​12/13/2021
​24.01.01.N0.04 ​SAP ​Safety of Visitors, Children and Minors ​05/29/2025
​24.01.01.N0.05 ​SAP ​Safety Inspections ​01/05/2022
​24.01.01.N1-01 ​SAP ​Environmental Healtd and Safety Program ​01/02/2018
​ ​SAP ​Worker’s Compensation ​06/10/2008
​ ​SAP ​Early Return to Work ​05/20/2008
​24.01.07.N0.01 ​SAP ​Unmanned Aircraft Systems ​10/14/2017

​25. Expenditures of Funds

25.06.01.N1 ​Rule ​Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program ​07/06/2017
​25.07.99.N1 ​Rule ​Contract Administration ​11/01/2016
​25.07.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Contracts ​01/11/2019
​25.07.01.N0.02 ​SAP ​Delegation of Autdority for Contract Administration ​01/11/2019
​25.07.03.N0.01 ​SAP ​Purchasing ​11/24/2015
​ ​SAP ​Cellular Communication Devices and Services ​12/03/2014
​25.99.99.N1-02 ​SAP ​Agency Funded Efforts ​01/20/2012

​26. Tuition and Fees

​26.01.99.N0.01 ​SAP ​Transfers, Cancellations, Refunds, and No Shows ​07/12/2013

​27. Financial Planning and Budgeting

​ ​SAP ​Legislative Budget Board Performance Measures ​09/01/2006

​29. Information Resources

29.01.01.N1 ​Rule Information Resources​ ​05/08/2019
​29.01.02.N0-1 ​SAP ​Software Licensing & Installations ​04/25/2018
​ ​SAP ​PC Management & Security ​07/20/2017
​29.01.03.N0.01 ​SAP ​Information Security Program ​05/04/2018
​29.01.03.N0.04 ​SAP ​Information Classification 05/04/2018
​29.01.03.N0.05 ​SAP ​Information and Service Responsibilities ​05/04/2018
​ ​SAP ​Information Resources -Email & Electronic Communications 03/02/2018
​ ​SAP ​Network Configuration and Wiring 03/22/2018
​ ​SAP ​Information Systems Owners 09/17/2012
​ ​SAP ​IT Hardware & Software Purchasing ​05/01/2018
​ ​SAP ​Committee on Information Technology ​08/03/2016
​29.01.99.N0-02 ​SAP ​Acceptable Use ​04/30/2018

​31. Compensation and Benefits

​31.01.08.N1 ​Rule ​Merit Salary Increase ​02/01/2019
​31.01.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Compensation Administration ​04/08/2014
​31.01.01.N0.02 ​SAP ​Compensation Administration: Employment Resulting in Extra Pay TEEX ​10/21/2013
​31.01.07.N0.01 ​SAP ​Direct Deposit of Payroll Payments ​10/05/2012
​ ​SAP ​Overtime/Compensatory Time ​06/01/2008
​31.02.13.N0.01 ​SAP ​Wellness Programs TEEX ​11/30/2016
​31.03.03.N0.01 ​SAP ​Vacation ​02/07/2014
​31.03.02.N0.01 ​SAP ​Sick Leave ​10/07/2015
​31.03.03.N0.01 ​SAP ​Leave of Absence witd Pay ​10/05/2012
​31.03.04.N0.01 ​SAP ​Leave of Absence witdout Pay ​10/05/2012
​31.03.05.N0.01 ​SAP ​Family and Medical Leave ​10/05/2012
​31.03.06.N0.01 ​SAP ​Military Leave and Service ​10/05/2012
​ ​SAP ​External Employment ​10/20/2017
​31.06.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Sick Leave Pool Administration ​10/25/2012
​ ​SAP ​Employees as Students ​10/20/2017
​ ​SAP ​Educational Release time Program ​05/22/2009
​ ​SAP ​Employee Awards and Recognition ​02/12/2012
​ ​SAP ​Timekeeping for Declared Holidays, Early Release or Emergency Leave ​06/10/2008
​31.99.99-N0.02 ​SAP ​Payroll Procedures ​01/11/2013

​32. Employee Relations

32.01.02.N1 ​Rule ​Complaint and Appeal Process for Nonfaculty Employees ​10/15/2013
​31.01.02.N1.01 ​SAP ​Complaint and Appeal Process ​10/15/2013
​ ​SAP ​Performance Management Program ​10/20/2017
​32.02.012.N0.02 ​SAP ​Discipline and Dismissal ​07/01/2016

​33. Employment, Standards of Conduct

33.99.14.N1 ​Rule ​Criminal History Record Information – Employee and Applications ​03/04/2014
​33.03.99.N0.01 ​SAP ​Nepotism ​02/28/2014
​ ​SAP ​Use of System Property, Telecommunication Services, and System Resources ​08/23/2011
​33.04.99.N0.01 ​SAP ​Use of TEEX Vehicles and State Fleet Cards ​11/12/2015
​ ​SAP ​Employee Training ​10/20/2017
​33.06.01.N0.01 ​SAP ​Flexible Work Arrangements ​02/24/2017
​33.99.01.N0.02 ​SAP ​Employment ​02/01/2013
​ ​SAP ​Performance Evaluations ​09/14/2011
​33.99.04.N0.01 ​SAP ​Promotion, Transfer, and Voluntary Moves ​10/09/2015
​ ​SAP ​Criminal History Record Information Checks – Employees and Applications ​05/04/2012
​33.99-15.99-1 ​SAP ​Reduction in Force ​07/08/2011
​33.99-16.99-01 ​SAP ​Contract Workforce (Independent Contractor) ​01/15/2019

​34. Safety of Employees and Students

34.05.99.N1 ​Rule ​Tobacco Free Environment ​09/06/2013
​34.06.02.N1 ​Rule ​Carrying Concealed Handguns on TEEX Property ​06/17/2016
​34.02.01.N1 ​Rule ​Drug and Alcohol Abuse ​02/01/2019
​34.02.01.N1.01 ​SAP ​Substance Abuse Prevention and Post Accident Testing for DOT regulated ​07/30/2010

​61. Information and Communications

​ ​​SAP ​Student Management System (SMS) Access and Privilege Data Entry ​03/10/2011
​ ​SAP ​TEEX Directory Information (FERPA) ​12/01/2009
​ ​SAP ​Public Information Act (PIA) ​09/30/2010
​61.01.02.N0.01 ​SAP ​Student Management System (SMS) owner ​01/07/2016
​61.99.01.N01.01 ​SAP ​Records Retention ​10/15/20158
​61.99.01.N0-01 ​SAP ​Electronic Document Verification ​03/22/2018
​ ​SAP ​Social Media ​02/05/2010
​ ​SAP ​Coins ​02/05/2010
​ ​SAP ​Marketing and Logo Items ​02/05/2010
​ ​SAP ​Use of Logos and Written References ​10/12/2009
​ ​SAP ​Purchase of Printed Materials ​03/01/2010
​ ​SAP ​Media Relations ​02/05/2010
​ ​SAP ​TEEX Sponsored Conferences ​06/18/2010
​ ​SAP ​Agency Visits ​02/05/2010


​ ​SAP Course Feedback Survey​ ​12/19/2006
​ ​SAP ​Course Numbering Scheme ​09/01/2006
​ ​SAP ​Course Attendance ​01/09/2019
​99.99.99.N0.03 ​SAP ​Cooperative Learning Centers and other similiar Entities (CLCs) ​06/30/2003
​99.99.99.N0.04 ​SAP ​Participant Compliant and Appeal Process ​06/05/2019

The course was outstanding. I went from basic knowledge on fires to being able to capture flaming valves and flanges, extinguish open hydrocarbon fires and conduct search and rescue in a short five days….This is a highly professional course.

— Dave LaBorde, Client, BP Atlantis
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