​TEEXans have opportunities to expand their knowledge and new skills for career development. Professional development encompasses all types of learning opportunities ranging from workshops, conferences, and online training.

Employee Certificate Programs

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Employee Education Program

TEEXans are encouraged to strive for excellence. TEEX recognizes the value and contribution of its employees by providing educational release time and education reimbursement opportunities for employees seeking postsecondary degrees, when eligibility requirements are met.

Contact Information

Human Resources

Email: hr@teex.tamu.edu
Phone: (979) 458-6801

Making a difference since 1995
"I am blessed to work with
great people and to work in an
agency which values my input. I
love that I work for an agency
which makes such a difference
in peoples’ lives."
Lisa, Customer Care Center Manager
Making a difference since 1995
"My role is to provide logistical
management to all of our
resident and several of our
many mobile deliveries at the
Emergency Operations Training
Center. "
Maura, Facilities Coordinator

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