The trend of conserving training resources by providing professionals with online training options continues to help reduce costs associated with industry-specific training needs and licensing requirements. In order to help organizations reduce such costs, the TEEX Water and Wastewater Program has transitioned some traditional classroom training to a correspondence platform. All TEEX Water and Wastewater Correspondence training is approved for continuing education and licensing through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ); each course is approved for 20 hours of CEU credit.

Note: In accordance with 30 TAC 30.28(p)(3)(c), correspondence courses repeated within the same renewal period will not receive training credit if the training uses the same performance-based assessment.

Funding Options DHS/FEMA Veterans Benefits GSA
Delivery Types Online Face-to-Face Blended
Course Number Title Description Funding Option Delivery Type Division
WWW400 Basic Water Works Operations (Correspondence) Quick View Course Description

WWW401 Groundwater Production (Correspondence) Quick View Course Description

WWW450 Basic Wastewater Operations (Correspondence) Quick View Course Description

WWW451 Wastewater Treatment (Correspondence) Quick View Course Description

WWW452 Wastewater Collection (Correspondence) Quick View Course Description


I learned new things I will definately be using in my career.

— Forensic Technician
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