Emergency Management * Exercise System

Incident Management and Multi-Agency Coordination Training

An adaptable web-based simulation specifically for management level exercises.

The EM*ES simulation can support local, jurisdictional, regional, and large-scale response training and exercise operations involving human “role players” and computer-injected events.  The system can be run as a desktop or web-based application, and can operate on standalone, distributed, or wireless networks.  Participants can be in geographically different locations, if desired.

Training Packages

Software Packages

TEEX offers packages that provide flexibility for any organization’s needs including:

  • number of licenses
  • server hosting
  • scenario development

Training Uses

  • Decision making exercises
  • Situational awareness
  • Information management
  • Large-scale incident command processes and principles
  • Emergency management processes
  • Unified command principles
  • Resource management and more


Flexible and adaptable to any organization to include industrial settings, universities, hospitals, and private and public agencies and organizations


The simulation provides a total immersion in an emergency management/incident-management training environment and allows supervisory-level responders and emergency operations personnel a practical, simulated experience in the management and support of a large-scale incident.


EM*ES can be delivered at any location worldwide, or at the state-of-the-art TEEX Emergency Operations Training Center (EOTC) located in College Station, Texas

Contact Information

Mike Gibler

Program Director

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (979) 458-5616