​​​​​​​​​TEEX is working to fill the current demand for welders by developing skills through a unique, hands-on training program that is customized for each manufacturing client. 

The Mobile Outreach Skills Training program, M.O.S.T.®, is a fast-track, intensive, four-week course aimed to prepare someone with little or no prior experience to graduate as a certified welder. M.O.S.T.® utilizes experienced welders as instructors and sophisticated, state-of-the-art simulators from Lincoln Electric. 

Watch what previous students have had to say about this program:

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They gave me skills I didn’t even have and fine-tuned the ones I did.

Scott H. | Graduate, ​Class #90

M.O.S.T.® was “a solution to meet a dire need that was developing at this facility for skilled welders.

​ ​​​T​im Mayhugh | Plant Manager, Thomas & Betts


Performance Based

Assessment of the student’s performance is based on a numerical weld score, based on AWS guidelines. This helps the student understand and learn industry recognized skills.


Hands​-on learning that is based on the look and feel of a welding machine, but packaged in a game design. The user interface is intuitive and operates with graphical elements and sounds that engage the student.

Continual feedback and evaluation

We set the student up for success. Simulators provide real-time continuous feedback to the student, instructor and fellow classmates. This enables the class to benefit from continuous improvement at the student level, but also through coaching and viewing how to adjust and correct improper techniques to achieve a good score.

Resources to Track Performance

Live action LASER screen summarizes the student’s welding performance with detailed information about welding technique for each pass. Weld reports can be saved as a pdf file.


Curriculum is adjusted to meet your company’s needs. The simulator allows the instructor the opportunity to adjust and change tolerances to match local industry needs and manufacturer specifications.


This training is ideal for an employer needing help training and retaining welders. 

Save on-the-job costs by allowing us to work with your employee, not your most productive welders who serve as trainers. 

By certifying them in the welds that your company needs, graduates will be productive from day one.​

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Roger Caldwell

Roger Caldwell

TMAC Program Manager

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Phone: (979) 458-6721

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