US&Rescue Specialist Certificate - John Doe

This program is designed for members of a search and rescue task force that wish to obtain the highest level of training and expertise in structural collapse rescue operations. Training is verifiable and transferable from employer to employer.


This course is for those looking to:

  • gain a solid, broad-based education in urban search and rescue training and response.
  • enhance their potential for career advancement.
  • increase awareness of changing operational guidelines, procedures, and NFPA Standards.


Prior to starting work on the certificate, we strongly suggest that you discuss with us if you have completed an acceptable Rope Rescue and Structural Collapse course.

  1. Structural Collapse Technician 2 – 80-hrs (or 80 hour equivalent)
  2. NFPA 1006 Rope Rescue – 50-hrs (Level I & Level II or Technician)
  3. Advanced Structural Collapse 3 – 50-hrs (Must be taken at TEEX)
  4. Advanced Structural Collapse 4 – 50-hrs (Must be taken at TEEX)
  5. Advanced Structural Collapse 5 – 50-hrs (Must be taken at TEEX)
  6. One elective – must be at least 24-hrs selected from the list below


Choose one of the following

To ensure that you are exposed to other job requirements of working on a US&R task force, you are required to complete one elective course.  For all elective courses not taken from TEEX, the curriculum will need to match or mirror the appropriate FEMA National US&R System or TEEX curriculum.

Contact Information

Alex Mandy

Training Manager

Email: alex.mandy@teex.tamu.edu
Phone: (979) 845-6553

From the well prepared presentations and class activities to the great suggestions for where-to-go; everything was beautifully organized and thoughtfully planned. I especially appreciated how the message of doing good work for the good of our community was endorsed each day. The week was encouraging and fun with ample take-away ideas!

— Sharon Barnard, BEDC Participant, Manager, Victoria Economic Development Corporation
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