The Texas A&M University System is proud to offer Work/Life Solutions, a short-term counseling and management consultation. This Employee Assistance Program is designed to assist you and your family in resolving work/life issues. Their resources also include child and eldercare advice, referrals on to-do list items such as hiring contractors and pet care, stress management, legal guidance and more. These programs offer in-person and telephonic counseling services, training, and have resources to help employees and dependents deal with all kinds of stressful issues.

  • Confidential Emotional Support
  • Work-Life Solutions
  • Legal Advice
  • Financial Resource
  • Online Support

Wellness Opportunities

TEEX is committed to the health and wellness of our employees. Full-Time and Part-Time employees have the following opportunities:

Preventive Care

All preventive screenings such as an annual wellness exam, well-woman exam, mammogram, colonoscopy, routine vaccinations, contraceptives and many other items are covered at 100% for medical enrolled participants.

Wellness Incentive

Completion of two activities on your MyEvive personalized checklist will qualify you for a $30 premium reduction toward your medical premium for the following year for each covered individual (employee/spouse).

Wellness / Fitness Opportunity

Full-Time and Part-Time employees have the opportunity to use 30 minutes up to three times a week to exercise or participate in wellness or physical fitness activity.


MyEvive is an online health and wellbeing portal. The desktop website and the MyEvive App offer a seamless experience between you and your medical benefits. Some features include the wellness incentive checklist, easy access contact information to your benefits, access to out-of-pocket spend and deductible amounts, a place to upload digital insurance cards, and personalized reminders when you are due for care.

Well on Target

Is a resource consisting of online tools and information to help medical enrolled participants make informed health care decisions and improve health in a variety of ways.


Airrosti is a combination of highly targeted manual therapy with customized active rehab exercises to target and rapidly resolve the source of your soft tissue pain or injury. It is covered by a specialty copay for covered participants enrolled in the medical care plan.

Wondr Health

A program available to all medical enrolled participants that are clinically proven to help you lose weight, sleep better, stress less, and reduce the risk factors for metabolic syndrome.

Ovia for Women’s Health and Family Planning

Ovia Health is a maternity and family benefits solution to help navigate fertility, pregnancy, and parenting.

Hinge Health

Hinge Health takes non-surgical care guidelines and turns them into a digital 12-week program for chronic back and joint pain led by coaches using mobile and wearable technology.

Omada for Pre-Diabetes and Pre-Hypertension

Omada’s digital condition management programs strive to enable those with obesity-related chronic conditions like diabetes prevention, heart disease and hypertension to change the habits that put them at risk.

Livongo for Diabetes and Hypertension

Livongo for diabetes and hypertension provides end-to-end management programs that combine cellular-connected digital health devices (diabetes glucose meter and cellular monitor for reporting blood pressure) with personal support by individualized coaches and educators. Program eligibility is determined by a diagnosis of either condition on the medical plan.

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TEEX is an equal opportunity employer

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