​As a member of the Texas A&M University System, TEEX employees enjoy a variety a benefit options.

Medical, Dental, Vision

Medical, dental and vision coverage are available to eligible employees and family members during their TEEX years, as well as after retirement. Coverage may begin when employment starts or once the state contribution is met.

Tax Advantaged Programs

One or more flexible spending accounts allow employees to use tax-free dollars toward health care and dependent day care expenses.

Life Insurance

Basic Life, Alternative Life and Optional Life insurance programs pay benefits to your beneficiary should you die while covered by the plans. In addition, Dependent Life Insurance is also available.

Vacation Leave

Hours accrue at 8 hours/month from date of hire. Accrual rate increases are based on years of service. Accumulated vacation leave may be used after 6 continuous months of state service upon supervisor approval.

Paid Holidays

Budgeted employees receive paid holidays as established by the Texas A&M University Board of Regents (ranging from 13 to 15 days per year). 

Sick Leave

Budgeted full-time employees earn 8 hours per month while part-time employees earn sick leave based on the percentage of hours worked. Hours are eligible for use on the date of hire.

Sick Leave Pool (SLP)

SLP hours are eligible for use by current employees away from work for a minimum of 160 hours. Employees may donate sick leave hours at any time or upon leaving employment with the state.

Longevity Pay

For every 2 years of state service, each full-time employee receives an additional $20 monthly added to their pay. 

Military Leave

Up to 15 days of leave are allowed each federal fiscal year (October – September) for active duty orders or training.

Teacher Retirement System Of Texas (TRS)

As a TEEX employee, a percentage of your pay is automatically saved to your account and the Texas A&M System contributes a percentage as set by the Texas Legislature.

Tax Deferred Accounts And Deferred Compensation Plan

In addition to TRS, you have the choice to participate in the Tax-Deferred Account (TD) program and/or the Texas$aver Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP). The A&M System keeps a list of authorized TDA vendors offering a variety of investments and various funds in which you may choose to invest.

Contact Information

Human Resources

Email: hr@teex.tamu.edu
Phone: (979) 458-6801

Making a difference since 2006
"My small team assists divisions
with course development, testing,
support, and maintenance of the
online courses, along with support
for the students enrolled in those
Rachel, IT Manager III
Making a difference since 2001 "As
part of a Business Development &
Marketing (BD&M) design team, my
role is to support TEEX by promoting
my division as a graphic designer,
writer, and photographer. I love my
job, my team, and TEEX!"
Guy, Graphic Designer III

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When Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger, III amazingly landed the U.S. Airways plane he was piloting into the Hudson River, emergency responders sprang into action. TEEX received the following message the same day…

Please thank the staff of TEEX for their help in preparing our first responders and private sector for this port emergency. Everyone is complimenting the unified command operational effectiveness. Good outcomes during emergencies always start with good training.

— Brian O’Neal, Client, New Jersey Office of Homeland Security
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