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The use of the TEEX trademarked logo helps audiences easily identify TEEX products and services and enhances the professionalism of the brand. The TEEX trademark should be used on all digital and printed advertising, marketing collateral, and promotional materials. It is essential to the success of the brand that the logo be applied with care and respect in every application according to these guidelines.

To ensure legibility, the TEEX primary logo should not be reproduced any smaller than ½” in height.

Do not misuse the TEEX Logo.


The TEEX logo is licensed and trademarked through Learfield licensing. Companies must obtain a license to produce merchandise containing the TEEX logo. By obtaining a license, the organization agrees to the proper use of the TEEX logo according to the guidelines and standards set forth in this manual. Any company or organization wanting to put the TEEX logo on an item, advertisement, or other communication must first obtain permission from the TEEX Marketing and Communications office.

Color Variations

The TEEX logo should be used in its two-color format whenever possible over a white or neutral background. The preferred logo uses colors that equate to Pantone 7421C and Cool Gray 11C. See “Brand Colors” for complete formula breakouts of approved colors.

If the two-color logo is not legible, a one-color black, reversed (white), or maroon logo may be used; however, the TEEX logo should not be created or used in any other colors.

TEEX logo primary 1

One-Color Pantone 7421C

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TEEX logo reversed

Reversed (White)

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TEEX logo black

 One-Color Black

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