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Ever wonder what it takes to bring economic development to a community? An upcoming workshop will teach the fundamental concepts, tools and skills needed to be successful in economic development in Texas’ political, economic and business environment.

Get started by registering for the 4-day Basic Economic Development Course (BEDC), which will be held Sept. 11-14 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Austin. Through in-depth and interactive sessions, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the keys to successful economic development. For those new to the profession, the Texas BEDC is the first step toward professional certification by the International Economic Development Council.

The course is vital for anyone interested in boosting economic development — at the local, regional and state level. Prospective attendees should include local elected officials, government agency staff members, planners, utility and transportation personnel, business leaders, community leaders and volunteers, and chamber or economic development organization professionals and their staff.

The course is produced by the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) in collaboration with the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC). It is accredited by the International Economic Development Council.

The course is limited to 50 participants. Register by visiting the TEDC website — http://www.texasedc.org/
and clicking on Upcoming Events.

Contact Information

Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

Throughout my military and federal career, I must say the instructor and instruction were some of the best I’ve ever encountered. He is a definite contribution and amazing reflection of TEEX and Texas A&M.

— Unexploded Ordance Technician I
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