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COLLEGE STATION – The Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) Product Development Center (TEEX PDC) has introduced the new “TEEX PDC TESTED” trademark. This trademark is a sign that a product or technology performs reliably as intended under acceptable, repeatable, real-world conditions, said TEEX PDC Coordinator Caleb Holt. “TEEX PDC TESTED means the product or technology has undergone methodical, repeatable and properly executed testing with documented results.”

“The TEEX PDC can provide affordable, reliable third-party or competitive evaluation that helps to ensure the integrity and durability of products entering the marketplace,” Holt said. “This is especially imperative for emergency response and critical infrastructure technologies. The TEEX PDC TESTED trademark shows that a product has undergone rigorous evaluation.”

Through a strategic partnership with the Texas Center for Applied Technology (TCAT), the TEEX PDC can offer private industry and small businesses the ability to leverage the resources of The Texas A&M University System for product testing, he added. TCAT provides engineering expertise to ensure test designs meet industry standards and/or specific parameters to ensure testing procedures are repeatable, verifiable, qualified, quantified and documented. TEEX provides the expertise, facilities and visual recording of all tests. It is through this collaboration that TEEX PDC TESTED ensures every test results in third-party, unbiased validation of success or failure, Holt said.

The new trademark has been “very well received,” said Holt, who recently returned from the Fire-Rescue International (FRI) conference in Denver. “We made a lot of contacts, and talked to many company representatives who were excited to learn about our product testing capabilities.”

He emphasized that TEEX PDC TESTED is not an endorsement. It is a trademark of the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service and The Texas A&M University System that may be used directly in conjunction with documented results of testing performed by TEEX PDC.

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Kathy Fraser

Director of Marketing and Communications

Thank you for the invitation to attend the BEDC recently held in Frisco. As a Board member of an EDC and not being my chosen career, I wanted to express my appreciation for the varied speakers assembled and case studies discussed. It was informative, enjoyable and time well spent. I look forward to the next opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the EDC world in such a pleasant environment that you create.

— Gary Carley, BEDC Participant, Nov 2016, Frisco EDC
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