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COLLEGE STATION – Draeger Safety Inc. called on the TEEX Product Development Center (TEEX PDC) for testing and evaluation of its portable gas detection and personnel tracking system for workers who perform confined space entry. The company engaged TEEX PDC to coordinate and document operational tests utilizing the parameters of TEEX TESTED?, an unbiased product testing service of the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX).

TEEX PDC evaluated and tested Draeger’s Confined Space Equipment at TEEX’s renowned fire and rescue training facility, Brayton Fire Training Field, to verify compliance with the current interpretation of Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OHSA) 29 CFR 1910.146. Draeger’s sensor technology and user-friendly products monitor gas concentrations and are designed to supplement existing confined space safety operations.

The independent, third-party evaluation was conducted last spring, in conjunction with TEEX Emergency Services Training Institute and the Texas Center for Applied Technology (TCAT) of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station.

The TEEX TESTED? trademark ensures products or technologies entering the marketplace perform reliably with integrity and durability, as intended, under acceptable, repeatable real-world conditions, said TEEX PDC Manager Caleb Holt. To ensure the integrity of TEEX TESTED?, all procedures, data collection, test design and test execution must be performed by TEEX PDC, TCAT and appropriate Texas A&M University System partners, as required on a test-by-test basis.

About Draeger

A global leader in medical and safety technology, Dr?ger is continually developing innovative technologies to protect, support, and save lives. Founded in L?beck, Germany, in 1889, Draeger believes technology for industrial safety should protect workers in a way that preserves uninterrupted productivity, so customers can sustain a higher level of profitability without compromising safety. And emergency response teams should be able to do their jobs more effectively and safely, with total confidence that their equipment will be there when they need it. Dr?ger has about 13,500 employees worldwide and is currently present in more than 190 countries. Its development and production facilities are based in Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, South Africa, the USA, Brazil, the Czech Republic and China. For more information, visit www.draeger.com.


Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service Product Development Center(TEEX PDC) leverages engineering expertise, experienced market analysts along with real-world laboratories and facilities to ensure technology stays on the path to commercialization. TEEX PDC can develop methodologies, recruit subject matter experts, and develop partnerships to assess, test and evaluate products. It provides unbiased assessments to help develop and test products, as well as deliver them to market. TEEX PDC links inventors, manufacturers, product developers and private entities with the resources of The Texas A&M University System.

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