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The National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications (Pro Board) is an internationally recognized organization that accredits agencies to certify emergency responders to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Professional Qualification standards. As an accredited agency, TEEX must complete a self-assessment and receive a site visit every five years by the Pro Board to maintain this accreditation.

Submit your Pro Board Certificate to Texas Commission on Fire Protection for certification.


This policy means students, who qualify, will only be required to take one exam instead of two. Students that go the Pro Board route will not have to pay TCFP an additional $85, however they will still be required to pay the state certification fee. Not all Pro Board Certifications apply, check if yours qualifies for this opportunity.

TCFP to Pro Board FAQs

How do I obtain my Pro Board certification from TEEX?

In order to obtain a Pro Board certification from TEEX, students must complete a TEEX training course that offers Pro Board certification, pass all components of the testing, and provide valid prerequisite documentation. Students who successfully meet these requirements will receive a Pro Board certification with a unique identification number and be placed on the Pro Board Certification Registry.

What prerequisite documentation is required for Pro Board certification?

Documentation for certification prerequisites must be dated and submitted to the TEEX certification office prior to or on the last day of class to avoid a late fee. Prerequisite documentation not submitted prior to the last day of class must be submitted within six months of the last day of class and will receive an automatic fee of $75. The date that will appear on your Pro Board certification will be the date when all Pro Board requirements have been met. Prerequisites submitted after six months will not be accepted.

What is acceptable proof of prerequisites?

Documentation for Pro Board Certification Requirements

What NFPA levels is TEEX accredited to?

To see the most up-to-date list of NFPA levels TEEX is accredited to, please visit the Pro Board website.

How do I find my records on the Pro Board Certificate Registry?

Go to the Pro Board Certification Registry and enter your last name and last 4 digits of your national identification number. For US citizens, this should be your Social Security Number (SSN); for international students this will be the number you used during registration for your class. If you are unable to locate your records, please email the TEEX Certification Office for assistance.

Currently TEEX reports student data to Pro Board on a monthly basis.

What types of testing accommodations does TEEX allow for ADA disabilities during the Pro Board written exam?

Accommodations are provided for those candidates who qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as disabled. Candidates seeking special accommodation requests should:

  • submit formal documentation (such as a letter from the doctor or a letter from his/her company’s Human Resources Department) to the Certification Office,
  • provide documentation that is dated within the last 5 years, and
  • provide documentation to the certification office on or before the first day of class for approval.

If the request is approved, candidates will receive one of the following allowable accommodations:

  • a testing room to oneself so the candidate can read the questions out loud to him or herself,
  • the test questions may be printed in a larger font (up to 7% larger),
  • the test may be copied on off-white paper (i.e., cream colored), or
  • the candidate may use highlighters or a highlighter sheet.

Any requests for accommodations not listed above must be submitted to the TEEX Certification Office 2 weeks prior to the class start date. The request will be reviewed by the TEEX Certification Committee and the candidate will be notified of the decision of the committee prior to test administration.

How do I request a retest?

All retests must be scheduled through the TEEX Certification Office. Retests completed within 6 months of the initial exam date will not incur a late processing fee. Retests completed between 6 and 12 months of the initial exam date will incur a fee of $75 prior to being scheduled. Retests will not be granted after 12 months.

How do I obtain another copy of my Pro Board certification?

To request a replacement or duplicate certificate, there is a charge of $15 per certificate. All payments must be made prior to release of certificate. Contact the TEEX Certification office to make the request.

How do I submit an appeal for denial of my Pro Board certification?

If you have been denied your Pro Board certification, you may file an appeal to the TEEX Certification Office. All appeals must be submitted within 15 months of the class end date or 90 days after retesting, whichever comes first. All appeals must come from the student to the TEEX Certification Program Manager in a written format that includes a statement of the appeal and the basis for which your certification should be reconsidered. The appeal will be forwarded to the TEEX Certification Committee for consideration and a recommended resolution. The TEEX Pro Board Advisory Committee will review the appeal and the recommendation from the Certification Committee to make a final decision. Once the final decision is made, the Certification Program Manager will contact you with the decision and justification.

How do I get more information?

Contact the TEEX Certification Office

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