Texas A&M Task Force 1 and 2 deployed for severe weather, potential flooding

The Texas Division of Emergency Management has deployed Texas A&M Task Force 1 (TX-TF1) water rescue squads and Helicopter Search and Rescue Technicians along with TX-TF2 Urban Search and Rescue team to assist local jurisdictions impacted by the severe weather and flooding occurring across the state.

Texas A&M Task Force 1 has busiest year ever in 2018

TX-TF1 experienced its busiest year ever in 2018, and it is gearing up for what could potentially be another year of significant weather events. The team deployed 18 times last year, including 12 deployments in September and October. The team went on both state and federal deployments in response to severe weather, flash flooding, wild fires, and Hurricanes to include Michael, Florence and Olivia.

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