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Safety and health professionals can now earn the TEEX Certified Safety and Health Official™ (CSHO) certificate in Construction or General Industry in just four months through the CSHO Quik-Trac program.  The industry-recognized program is offered in Austin, Mesquite and San Antonio for veterans or others who want to earn the professional safety designation.

The Quik-Trac program allows safety and health professionals to earn their CSHO certificate in as few as four months by taking classes at a single location.  Training is conducted by the OSHA Training Institute Southwest Education Center and is designed for personnel in the public or private sector who perform safety and health work on a daily basis or have safety oversight responsibilities of other workers.

“The CSHO Program has really grown since the introduction of the ‘new’ version last September,” said TEEX Safety & Health Program Director Bill Stansbury.  “Students can plan and track their progress more easily and, with the Quik-Trac, they can expedite their completion. We continue to get rave reviews for the program directly from our CSHO participants and completers at our training centers and at conferences.”

More than 237 hours of training are required to earn the TEEX CSHO certificate and at least 50% of the training must be completed through the TEEX OSHA Training Institute Southwest Education Center. The Quik-Trac CSHO program is approved for the Veterans Administration Education Benefit and for college credit at four institutions of higher learning. Read entire article.

The Texas Engineering Extension Service has played an invaluable role in the training of UXO Tech I’s…to support the Coalition Munitions Program in Iraq as well as the ongoing Military Munitions Response Program.

— C. David Douthat, P.E., CSP, Ordinance and Explosives, USAESCH
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