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  • July Fire Training Schools wrap up a blazing month of intensive training

The Annual Texas Fire Training Schools heated up Brayton Fire Training Field during July – bringing more than 3,200 firefighters and guest instructors to College Station for intensive training in emergency services.  And the spark of excitement among those attending was not lessened by the blazing temperatures.

The 84thMunicipal Fire School drew 1,923 firefighters – members of volunteer and career fire departments from every corner of Texas – along with 530 guest instructors and safety officers who volunteered their time and expertise to the school.  Many volunteer firefighters took vacation time from their “day jobs” to come to College Station to hone their skills and techniques to better serve their communities.

They attended one of 35 weeklong courses offered during the annual school, which is conducted each year by TEEX in conjunction with the State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas. On July 24, a public firefighting and rescue demonstration by Fire School instructors was held at Brayton Fire Training Field and drew hundreds of local residents as well as attendees and their families.

The 51st annual Industrial Fire School was held July 14-19 and drew 724 members of industrial emergency response brigades and safety officers from some of the world’s largest oil & gas and chemical companies.  Students came from 11 countries to attend one of the 20 weeklong courses, which were taught with the assistance of 234 guest instructors.

The Spanish Fire School (Escuela para Bomberos) was held during the week of July 7-12 and attracted 677 Spanish-speaking firefighters from 17 countries, along with 188 guest instructors and safety officers who volunteered their time and expertise to teach the courses, which were all conducted in Spanish. View photos from July Fire Schools on Flickr.

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