Change in leadership at Texas Task Force 1 is announced

Billy Parker, Director of Texas Task Force 1, has announced that he will retire effective March 31. Parker has 35 years of service to TEEX, and his many achievements have contributed not only to the success of the agency but also to the safety and security of the citizens of Texas and the nation.

“If there is anyone who best represents the commitment, courage, skill, selflessness and honor of the emergency responder, it is Billy Parker,” said TEEX Director Gary Sera. “His legacy includes the establishment of Texas Task Force 1, the development of Disaster City, numerous deployments that include the World Trade Center attacks and Hurricane Katrina, and the establishment of the new Regional Texas Task Force System.  As Director of Texas Task Force, he has set up one of the finest FEMA task force teams in the nation.”

Sera announced that Jeff Saunders will become the new Director of TX-TF1 on April 1. Saunders has 31 years of experience in the emergency services and has spent 10 years as Operations Chief for TX-TF1.  He brings invaluable hands-on experience to the position and is “dedicated to ensuring TX-TF1 is continually improving and maintaining its world-class reputation,” Sera added. “This insures continuity of operations and maximizes our ability to fulfill this critical search and rescue mission.”