The TEEX brand is one of the agency’s most important assets and we must all be brand ambassadors. The use of the TEEX logo helps audiences easily identify TEEX products and services and enhances the professionalism of the brand. The TEEX logo should be used on all digital and printed advertising, marketing collateral, and promotional materials. It is essential to the success of the brand that the logo be applied with care and respect in every application according to these guidelines.

Since 1929, TEEX has built a reputation for excellence that is deeply rooted in its Texas A&M legacy. Today, our reputation has evolved to include Service of Excellence—how we deliver on promises.

Our commitment to excellence is what unites our agency; Trusted to Deliver Excellence, the TEEX brand promise, embodies our agency values: safety, teamwork, adaptability, respect, and stewardship. These values along with the agency desire to make a difference should be reflected in our branding and marketing strategies.

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Course went beyond expectations – using small amount of explosives to breach doors to merging SWAT/bomb skill sets to tactically schieve objectives.

— Explosive Breacher Entry
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